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25 Jul 20 - 23 Apr 21

Trucking On!

Handcuffs pinch more than you imagine. The cops walked us out as I continued yelling.
“This is your fault!”
“What the hell did I do,” he yelled back.
“You #nodded.”
“I thought that was my cue to hit the cop.”
“It meant ‘He’s right. We’re screwed’.”

“Why are you giving me a hard time?”
“You lazy ass, I made a #sacrifice so you could have this opportunity. Now you must make one by getting up and making it happen.”
“I will...later.”
“Fuck that! I’m struggling for you, and your lazy ass is in bed. Find someone else.”

Write something.
It doesn’t work like that.
You claim to be so clever-
Stop. Give me a second.
You’re not talented at all, are you?
Shut up, brain. I can’t be #creative on command. I need inspiration.
We need to eat, sleep, drink. Inspired?
“Sleepy wet burger...”


Gotta change some facts. Disturb some truths. They don’t want to hear from some schmuck from the boring part of Southern California. That’s not inspiring. I need a background with more international flair.

“Where were you born?”
“#Ontario, CA.”

It’s not a lie.