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Your story should be inspired by this challenge prompt.

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(New players might find these short story writing tips useful!)

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Something small and experimental...

While idling on a long train journey, I wondered about how far narrative could be pushed under a harsh limit. How much feeling or intrigue could be packed in?

So I set up a competitive/collaborative challenge!

You're given a word as a prompt. You can interpret this how you like- and I'll try to supply words with multiple potential meanings. You don't need to include the seed word in your story, but it should be clear how it has influenced you.

So, why 130?

Two reasons:

  • Firstly, your Tweet should include #130story. Twitter gives you 140 characters, and 130 is the number you're left to play with - your story must be this length or shorter.
  • Secondly, you can post your stories from 1:30pm (UK Time).

This is a starting point. I hope something interesting develops, and the rules may change as we go on. Please give feedback - that would be very welcome! :)

Enjoy! - James / @jtruk

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