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Billy's wife had low standards. She married him. Proof.


Social worker. "Your mam seems a cheerful soul"
"Only to visitors"
"I'm confident in that"

Confusion is all around us. No matter where you live, seems politics is the cause. Actually it's not confusing at all. It's the bloody politicians. #130story

Billy dropped his mother off for her knee replacement operation. Packed his bags and moved away. They never saw each other again after his knee jerk reaction

Cmon hows this for timing.

Trump has set the bar so low that orange blancmange would be preferable.


On holiday last year I tripped over a 3 inch rock on the side of a volcano.
Nah, skinned my knee though


Jill had managed to lock herself out of her boyfriends house. She was there to feed his cat with he was working away.
She phoned her mother.
Don't suppose you have a spare set of Allan's key there do you?

PC Smith was drunk shopping. He slipped and fell into an ice cream freezer while carrying washing powder. Cop in Häagen-Dazs #130story #Copenhagen