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Trucking On! 500!

Unexpected item in the bagging area.
You're right. I'm supposed to be on a beach not looking for my luggage.
Damn you *Ryanair / BA / Easyjet (*del as appropriate)

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Dropping his wallet down the drain as it happens was a good thing. That speeding bus would have wiped him out, stone dead, otherwise.

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Sex work, the original pay as you go service

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The comedian Laura Laffs was arrested under the trades description act.

Nearly 10 years sober, it still puts a smile on Billy's face when he hears the phrase, "Hope you have a speedy recovery"

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Bill thought about visiting Mary. She lived just over the hill.
As he left the house it started raining. "Sod that," closed the door and watched Olympics highlights instead.
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A drunken (ex) son in law at the weekend reminded Billy why he no longer drinks alcohol himself any more. It turns many a daft lad into a violent daft lad.
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Billy sat in his pants, looking out of the window, his kids playing in the garden. His wife deadheading the roses. That reminded him, vasectomy booked in next Thursday
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