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Trucking On! 250!

Of all the Microsoft Office suite, I found Access bloody horrible.
I couldn't even access setting up a decent database let alone searching for a query.
Oooh the shivers of lost days. Bring back a card based system.


What's that bit of water called Sam?

Its a Brook Lynn?


I am both disgusted and amused at myself for writing that.

Barry has adopted the status of a hobo during this pandemic.
No shaving, hair cutting and minimal changing of clothes. His wife refuses to cook him food unless he showers daily. He's lost 1.6 stone so far

I planted the tulips bulbs in the stained pot.
Which pot?
The one under grannies bed.
That not a plant pot, its a chamber pot.
Yes, that's right


"Bill, tell me 3 film titles that remind you of me"

"Little Woman,
Fight Club, and Easy Rider"

"You pinpricked waste of skin"


By the time the 16th child of the 16th child was born, Grandma stopped trying to remember their names. She ended up barcoding them and carrying around a scanner. #130story

Look down into your shopping basket.



WTF How did coconut macaroons get there?

I told you (yesterday) I was your worst nightmare. There's no escape from me.


The names Evan. Im you're worst nightmare.
Nah. You're not a coconut macaroon.