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My daughter, oughta drink more water to combat her migraines. But the water my daughter does drink is bottled fizzy, sugared. Why, I oughta

I request more time to do the #130story challenge today. With 25mins to spare and walking outdoors with dogs. I realise I can't multitask

Together as a family we can make this spaghetti bolognaise for grandma.
We cant mam.
Of course we can. Stop being defeatist.
We cant.
Ye of little faith Sarah
You didn't buy any pasta mam.
Oh. I see.

Billy was always in trouble at junior school with his handwriting. He couldn't do joined up so he printed his words instead. Teachers eventually gave up trying to convert his style to cursive. It was still more readable than most. #130story

What's for tea?
Meat dinner.
What meat?
Come and see.
Ooo liver. Yak
Go hungry then. #130story

The dark, dank disease loos of yesteryear were always Billy's favourite. Not like these days where the tin cans open in full public view, pants fastened or not. AND, its costs 20p for the privilege of a pee. #130story

Peter was a sour puss. Grumpy from morning til night. Weird that, considering he worked as a sugar cane taster

Billy's social skills are so bad, he couldn't sell himself at a starving cannibal convention. #130story