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2 Jun 17 - 24 May 19


Trucking On! 250!

Mergers can be good or bad. Noone can predict the true outcome. I'd like to thank the inventor of Spotted Dick and Custard #130story

He prefers them young, slender, juicy, just starting to swell.
She prefers them older, fully developed and swollen. The peapod #130story

"I object m'lord"
"Jeremy Kyle said I was innocent"
"Lie detector test?"
"Hahahahaha. 1st witness please"


Eyes glued to 3 screens. Phone, tablet and laptop not enough for Billy. Still, trolling people keeps him quiet at teatime #130story

Write about potatoes. Can't think, brain mashed, nothing to chip at. Thoughts are crisp but useless. Yeah. Half baked ideas #130story

As a trainee writer, my attempts as spelling can leave me vunleruble / vuneruble / vulnerable / f*ck it

Ethel always wants something built in the garden. Fred badly needed to afford professional help. So buys 10 scratchcards. #130story

Betty micro manages Dave daily. She even gets out of the car at petrol stations and watches him fill up. But never offers to pay #130story