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Trucking On! 250!

Also known as mealworm willy, Mickey took offence to his new porn nickname by the office staff. How did they know? #130story

Curiosity killed the cat.
Or as Billy's wife calls it, her car

"Allotment associations reps. Stand behind your mowers. 1st to mow the 20m to official heights wins.
Rev your engines. 3,2,1 GO"

Geordie Joe, had a flat tyre on his day trip to the Angel of the North.
Mic his mate came to help him fix it. Joe was struggling to pull the flat tyre off the car.
"Howay Joe man, ya supposed to jacket up first."

(im not sorry)

She denied Rob's numerous advances. He persisted daily. She became scared. Now he's in jail on stalking charges.

Once upon a time Hanna-Barbara (sp) ruled the TV, then a little girl called Montana came along. I still prefer the cartoons. #130story

Dear all #NaNoWriMo writers. If you find yourself stuck for a moment. Try #130story out. Maybe a small diversion can kick start your neurons and get you back onto the right track.


A bull walked into a China shop.

More details when we piece it together