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Trucking On! 500!

"Oy Popeye what month is your birthday in?"
"Terry its Aug Aug Aug Aug Aug" #130story

(I'm taking a bow)

The local resident society became sick of Mickey peddling drugs. Police couldn't gather actual evidence to convict him. Twice he evaded justice.
Tam, Frank and John took matters into their own hands. Captured and injected him with his own stash.

Justice served. RIP

As much as Billy tries, he can't get as much pleasure from Oakland that he once had from Disney Land.
Digger Land next.

Prince Andrew, he's a wrong un. Discuss

Plea all you want. Go on do it. I dare you. It will do you no good. No. I won't do it. I won't have the last Hob Nob. I can't. I've already eaten it.

The youth of today will be the elderly of tomorrow. Unfortunately their voices will not be heard until they are past it.


Whats this on my plate mam?

Pork sausages

Never! They're green.

Blame your sister, she dropped for food dye when she was making a cake.

Looks like it fell from Shreks nose. Nah. Can't eat that.

Give them to the dog.

Noway. I love the dog


Walk a mile in my shoes. Go on. I can't. Some swine stole them and left me CROCS. Jokes on them. I may look stupid but I feel extremely light on my feet.
Ive left all my trainers on the step hoping the Croc fairy returns tonight.