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#130story #amwriting He stumbled a bit. Probably slid in his regurgitated coffee and toast.
"#Steady on, you've over 2hrs to go," said Po
His friends dropped blue roll over mess but he was aware he was picking it up. A bin arrived.
Embarrassed, "Thanks"
The lecturers head shook

He may have puked, but at least it hit the floor and not on the chemicals.
His lab partner, Po Sung, burst out laughing.
"Told you to stop drinking at 1am," she said.
"Can't help myself, Wednesday nights are my Kryptonite," he replied to his #Korean friend.
#130story #amwriting

The scenario was grim. His workbench was full of beakers, and clean glassware.
Around him, fellow students were already mixing chemicals.
His hangover was intense.
He opened the Ethyl acetate. The fruity smell hit him hard and puked all over his feet.
#130story #amwriting

Billy's wife had low standards. She married him. Proof.


Social worker. "Your mam seems a cheerful soul"
"Only to visitors"
"I'm confident in that"

Confusion is all around us. No matter where you live, seems politics is the cause. Actually it's not confusing at all. It's the bloody politicians. #130story

Billy dropped his mother off for her knee replacement operation. Packed his bags and moved away. They never saw each other again after his knee jerk reaction

Cmon hows this for timing.

Trump has set the bar so low that orange blancmange would be preferable.