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2 Jun 17 - 10 Aug 19


Trucking On! 250!

Billy eats so many snacks on a night, one day he might develop diabetes. But which type can he live with. Decisions decisions #130story

Dear pet shop.
Those doo pogs bags are useless. They tear too easily.
Im sick of washing my hands.
I want compensation

Stealing from the poor to feed the rich. Good old Western culture. Bring back Robin Hood

Billy could get accustomed to the English summer run. But remembers the English summer rain and wind too. He wants to emigrate #130story

£3 for a small bag of spuds at Barrys. This dinner isn't going to be cheap as chips.

Sertraline 50mg started Joes new life 20 years ago. His mood now is mainly "couldn't give a shit". Shrugs lifes woes off as a duck would water. No longer cries over some literally split milk. As medication addictions go it could have been worse, not that he cares #130story

Its full. Its crowded. No more space. Its overflowing. Old ones are pushed to their doom. Splat. The sweaty forehead carnage #130story

Commerce is a scam. Take SkyTV. Upto £100 monthly for most channels isn't unheard of. AND you still get adverts. #130story I love the BBC