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2 Jun 17 - 1 Jan 19


Trucking On! 250!

Can't find my chloroform. I need it. I intend to knock my wife out so I can watch Dr Who in silence and without her tutting. #130story

I intended to do my tax returns over the Christmas holidays. Life interrupted that plan. So Jan 23rd yet again here we come #130story

Life never goes as intended. 0 or 3 kids. Millionaire yet? Porche or Mini. Personally I wanted to be 6ft, but I'm an inch short #130story

Today we'll say goodbye to our 15 yr old dog. Our hearts are crumbling with each passing minute. But we need to soldier on. #130story

Billy spotted Santa flying overhead. But alas it was just a delivery drone dropping a bag of dried chicken manure off. #130story

Studies show, you can make anything up as fact if you ask the right people. Just look at the collection of Bible fables #130story

I attempted to get out of decorating but became dogsbody instead. Not fair. Huff. #130story

What side are you on?

Honestly, don't care any more. Just be nice to all whichever you are on.