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28 Sep 13 - 30 Jan 17


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Deep into distant woodlands winds a mazy way, reaching to overlapping spurs of mountains bathed in a hill-side blue…

To break the ice, let's discuss its weight, volume, density; climatic & commercial significance; sterility in circumpolar regions. @130story

Ice” by ggarchar, 26 Dec 13

Her mind is always off in some odd direction; I can't keep up. Sometimes I think she is nuts, but my awe of her continually grows. @130story

Nuts” by ggarchar, 25 Dec 13

Tree of life on Earth is in the forest of our Milky Way, one of many large forests in the Universe. Volumes of Fruit are ripening. @130story

Tree” by ggarchar, 24 Dec 13

There weekly arrive in this town scores of green college graduates, all athirst for gain and glory manifesting meritocracy's myth. @130story

Do not altogether remember how I came to be here, though a dim consciousness of pushing a plastic mouse is slowly dawning over me. @130story

Over” by ggarchar, 21 Dec 13

Galvanized into a dramatically focused grasp of purpose, Deep Self rose up and renounced celibacy, leaving the ladies dumbfounded. @130story

Self” by ggarchar, 19 Dec 13

A perpetual state of war, and shifting alliances among three superpowers, are two of the ingredients leading to totalitarian rule. @130story