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12 Sep 13 - 1 Oct 14


Earlybird! 50!

The alarm sounded and he checked the screen. They'd passed Mercury, time to set the controls for the heart of the sun. @130story

He typed away at the keyboard then let out a curse as he realised he'd gone five characters over. Time to start trimming the tweet @130story

I'm back from holiday and no longer ill so time to stop shirking @130Story.

He let out an exasperated groan and hid his head in his hands. "Some days this job is like driving a square peg into a round hole" @130story

The seconds marched by like ice ages as he watched the vase fall float downwards towards its inevitable destruction. @130story

He grinned and let out a laugh, the foul smell of his breath hurled across the table. "Just one more for the road, brother." @130story

As always the his old foe the sliding door had refused to open. He'd have to wait around and sneak in behind someone else...again @130story

He grinned, lay back and took another sip of his cocktail. "Not a cloud in the sky," he proclaimed loudly. @130story