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He looked in the mirror and smiled. His reflection smiled back. His limp trembled with terror. His reflection just smiled back. @130story

I walked to the back of the bookshop. I glanced over my shoulder, the man had followed me in. "Start running" whipsered the clerk @130story

"Two goats?" She asked "Look, we don't accept goats. We can trade for Coca Cola or Bitcoins only." said the gentlement @130story

He reversed slowly. A sudden thump took him by suprised. Startled he opened the door,"move out the way, stupid horse!" He yelped @130story

He twitched and held an icely glare. No movment made by either party but eye contact remained.The rabbit then hopped merrily away @130story

He stopped in terror as he hit something. His knees shook as he brushed away dirt from a smashed skull "She did it!" He whispered @130story

"Block the door!" Yelled Gary "The staff room has no windows so will make a good defence base against zombies!" @130story

Heston started up the Tasteatron 3000. First out was kippers, next ice cream then on toast. "First course sorted!" He shouted! @130story