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2 Sep 13 - 23 Dec 14


Earlybird! 25!

The percussive pop of tires; the screech of hot metal on asphalt: a cacophonic symphony as the road block did its job @130story

Foil” by idiotjed, 23 Dec 14

The tally marks he'd started as a way to keep track were now a nagging reminder of the slowness of time along his 30 year stretch @130story

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! The hell with that. To make lemonade you need sugar. Life never gave me no damn sugar. @130story

Dappled sunlight. The faint scent of jasmine on the air. You in your dress with the blue flowers. A frozen moment, lost to time. @130story

On reaching the doorway he hesitated. So many years had passed, and yet so little had changed. Drawing a slow breath, he knocked. @130story

He gripped the leather, his fingers finding their familiar place along the seam.
A ball in flight.
A stride.
A nick?

Bowl” by idiotjed, 17 Feb 14

She sank to her knees, lacking the strength even to shade herself. There was no oasis, just the illusive shimmering of a mirage. @130story

"Whit's that? Vegetarian haggis? No, we havnae any o' that - jus load up oan th' neeps and tatties an' mebbes no one'll notice." @130story

Lead” by idiotjed, 25 Jan 14