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At the crest, he knew he'd blown it. The 1st man to ride a skateboard in a moon crater was to become the 1st to leave orbit on one @130story

Relief outweighed mortification. In a loud, impulsive roar the content of her sinus was moved to the bus window. Her cold was [email protected]

The year is 2344. Pouting has replaced money. Angie bags herself a Lamborghini with an absolute belter. The lip job was worth it. @130story

"CROWD AROUND" Jim the penguin was livid. "Who got Joe the flamethrower for his bday?" *a flipper lifts*. "We live on ICE, moron". @130story

The climb was hard, but at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, Nigel's confidence surged. "I'll be the first ever earthworm to the top" @130story

Long, drawn out howls haunted Bob's cabin all night. Tired at dawn, he investigated. Unexpectedly, a moose nailing killer feedback @130story

He knows there are easier ways to retouch paint on his car, but chips were cheaper than white paint. Seagulls circled overhead. @130story