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27 Feb 16 - 20 Jul 19



Best John Bull
Glass half full
An optimism borne
On hops and slops
Flock wallpaper
Pint pots
Best kipper tie
Out on the pull

It was all a total myth; Buster always minded his p's and q's, oh yes he has the best of manners.

"It's quite big already", "oh, it'll swell to twice that size"; astonished Mary was proven wrong as Bill's big bloomer proved right.

Three 7's and a 10, did you think it was that good?, Len does!

Points make prizes
For me and you
But there'll be more nil points
When we leave the EU.

Aptitude: appalling
Application: apprehensible
Apprentice applicant's appraisal;
appointment apparently inappropriate.

Unlike centers or centres, Centaurs of excellence required less planning or investment; in fact classically were built on the hoof.

What he said.