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27 Feb 16 - 23 May 19


Trucking On! 250!

Three 7's and a 10, did you think it was that good?, Len does!

Points make prizes
For me and you
But there'll be more nil points
When we leave the EU.

Aptitude: appalling
Application: apprehensible
Apprentice applicant's appraisal;
appointment apparently inappropriate.

Unlike centers or centres, Centaurs of excellence required less planning or investment; in fact classically were built on the hoof.

What he said.

I made a new friend today up top meadow, but the wife found him "Quite distant," "Maybe he's just scared."

Distant!, stand off-ish yes, but was it due to very large feet.
Quite an achievement, scaled Everest, 1/250 I believe, all in cotton wool.

He woke feeling the worst had passed, the overnight sweats however leaving his body the same hue as the fluorescent sheets.