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27 Feb 16 - 17 Oct 19


Trucking On! 250!

Integrity never achived 'results', bedsores killing; with the hoist Nursey helped Donald turn the other cheek.


Best John Bull
Glass half full
An optimism borne
On hops and slops
Flock wallpaper
Pint pots
Best kipper tie
Out on the pull

It was all a total myth; Buster always minded his p's and q's, oh yes he has the best of manners.

"It's quite big already", "oh, it'll swell to twice that size"; astonished Mary was proven wrong as Bill's big bloomer proved right.

Three 7's and a 10, did you think it was that good?, Len does!

Points make prizes
For me and you
But there'll be more nil points
When we leave the EU.

Aptitude: appalling
Application: apprehensible
Apprentice applicant's appraisal;
appointment apparently inappropriate.

Unlike centers or centres, Centaurs of excellence required less planning or investment; in fact classically were built on the hoof.