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Trucking On! 250!

On his entrance, the involuntary voluntary was quite unexpected. Now it seems Donald has others blowing their trumpet for him too.

Sebastian stood steadfast outside the boarded up library each morn, with his placard, 'Honk if you want your books back'.

Every breath he takes
Every move he makes
On channel zero
They were watching Luke.

His life hadn't been his own since a small child, even now hidden cameras followed Luke being wheeled into the hospital toilet.

"Luke desribed the impact as like being hit by a bus, which as we all saw he was." Nurse Duffy puts words to the official images.

The recipe says add 4 tbsp fish or soy sauce, I haven't got any so stuck some marmite in. It's bubbling away nicely!

Genetic advances meant clones were ready, but with vital organs intact Luke's pre arranged accident was a success for all.

Scrabbling Texan Abel
Spelled out favorable
But Mabel said with a sneer
"You're in England my dear"
"Well ain't that just bull"