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15 Jul 17 - 15 Apr 21


Trucking On! 500!

Amazing idea about to come to be
Big Dave's big plan to be an escapee
Mails himselfs out of his doing stir
Post himself in a big envelope like a letter
He cajoled every stamp in that Prison
No post code so it was no distribution
No posting just put in a giant shredder


Mails” by PaulPJB, 16 Apr 21

Please sit on your seats
I'lll tell you a sad little tale
Makes you sad will not fail
About avid stamp collector
Stamp collector Hector
Bought a rare Edward Eighth
Made him feel real great
Stupidly stuck it on a letter
Distracted stamp collector
Stamp collector Hector


Seats” by PaulPJB, 14 Apr 21

Sound of thousand zoom cheers
Call out for hair dresser volunteers
Karl and Sandra stood up to plate
Unaware of their coming fate
Armed with tools of hair destruction
Awaited important instruction
Faces showing complete dispair
When told to cut Boris Johnson's hair


Name was mad Captain Black
He commanded pirate vessels
Had a pretty glittery eye patch
Lipstick with hair in tressels
Walked like chewing a sweet
Lived on scrumpy and pretzels
That's the pirate Captain Black
Sailed around on pirate vesssls


Billy Bun was a great master of verse
When cross he could show his anger
When hot his poetry seemed to burst
Emotions was ashamed of them none
Descriptiveness he was no stranger
That was The Great Hot Cross Billy Bun


Verse” by PaulPJB, 6 Apr 21

Don't ever have any fears
From any of your peers
If they are the peers at all

Support you come what
And decency is you're lot
Supporting any specific call


Peers” by PaulPJB, 13 Feb 21

I would like to thank you for your interest
I hope bidding for this object will not rest
See this figure here has taken some beating
About six foot tall and strangely tangerine
It might ugly and way past its putrid best
But an interesting coat stand for any guests


Adam and Eve did not know of shame
For them nakedness held zero blame
Then one day they went out scrumping
Then next thing they were both humping
Thrown out of Eden by prankster God
Clothed in furs in the land of, erm, Nod


Eve” by PaulPJB, 18 Jan 21