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11 Nov 17 - 15 Feb 20


Trucking On! 100!

'Why the sudden interest in the rugby Tom?'
'I've liked it since playing at school.'
'You hated it at school. It's because they'll be back in the premier league next season, isn't it?'
'Yeah well.'
'You're a fair weather supporter.'
'I go when it's quite cold Sandra!'

‘There are a lot of people coming to look at Susan and Jim’s house.’
‘So they haven’t gone yet?’
‘No but I've never seen the place look as nice.’
‘Susan said to me that buyers should be able to see through all that Tom.’
‘Hopefully they can Sandra, hopefully they can.’

'Have you met the new people next door?'
'I didn't know Susan and Jim had gone, they haven't said goodbye.'
'Someone has chopped the garden down Sandra, it's not like them.'
'Wow Tom, I see what you mean. Perhaps it's a sales strategy!'
'There's life over the hedge.'

'The food market's coming back Sandra.'
'Is it?'
'All those street vendors with lovely things to eat.'
'But you never buy anything Tom.'
'I've got a delicate stomach. I don't want to upset it!'

'I'm not picking up much on these hearing aids Sandra.'
'Perhaps you should do a Spinal Tap.'
'Turn them up to eleven Tom!'
'Oh, never mind!'

I am a blogger, I have been since 2012.
Every day I get the urge to write something and every day I think I am going to run out of ideas.
I haven’t done so yet.
Some of the blogs are quite good while others are rubbish but who cares?
73000 views can’t be that bad.

‘Have you not got that shelf up yet?’
‘I’m still working on the plan before I can implement it, GANTT charts, dependencies, you know.’
‘The only thing you can depend on Tom is that you are undependable.’
‘But you have to admit I’m consistent Sandra!’

'It says in the Herald that the Golf Club is struggling.'
'I heard that Sandra.'
'Apparently the young aren't playing the game as much.'
'Perhaps it has just run its course.'
'Oh Tom, having you been saving that one up?'
'Just getting in the swing...'