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Trucking On! 250!

'What are you so upset about then?'
'Well, I started the business and so should keep some equity.'
'A sort of founders keepers Tom?'
'Oh that's awful Sharon but yes!'

‘I managed to get a cauliflower Sharon.’
‘Wow, how did you wangle that?’
‘I found an ally in the fruit and veg department, he put one aside for me.’
‘Ally in what way?’
‘Well, ally might be a bit much, he’s more of a shelf-stacker.’
‘Is it OK to touch it Tom?

'Turns out we didn't have a bad year Sharon, we even made a profit.'
'That's good, how come?'
'It's all own to the CEO.'
'There are only two pf us Tom, don't get carried away!'

'No mushrooms, no cauliflower, no treacle tarts!'
'It seems to be getting worse Tom.'
'Yes, our just in time shopping isn't working anymore.'
'So, what are we going to do?'
'Make some reforms Sharon, that's what!'
'I'll make some space in the freezer.'

'Do you think all politicians lie Sharon?'
'Yes, I guess so.'
'How do you know what is true then?'
'You don't, Tom, you just believe the lies that suit your point of view.'
'Well, what's my point of view?'
'A lie you tell yourself?'

'There's another wasp in the kitchen, I wonder where they're coming from.'
'From a wasps nest, Sharon.'
'Clearly Tom, I wonder if this spray will work on you as well as on them?'

'I don't see your name in the Paradise Papers Tom.'
'No, I asked them not to publish!'
'Ha ha, I knew there would be a reason.'
'It will be a long long time before we appear in any papers Sharon.'

'I think the grass needs cutting.'
'Again? I just did it last week. Will you pay me to cut it Sharon?'
'Eh, with what Tom? It would be our money anyway!'
'It would make me feel better about it though.'
'OK, which do you want then, chocolate coins or wooden dollars?'