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11 Nov 17 - 21 Mar 19


Trucking On! 100!

‘I’m not sure I like that word Sandra.’
‘Yes, it seems old fashioned and suggests ownership rather than a partnership.’
‘Really? You think too much Tom, it’s quite clear whose in charge here.’
‘Whatever you say.’

The polls closed and the people have spoken
It’s clear what they meant though issues were hidden.
By hook or by crook she’ll present us a deal
Once over the line we will see if it is real
And all of us will find it hard to believe
How easy it was for them to deceive.

‘Don’t be evil’ that’s what they wrote,
A couple of wobbles, it’s stuck in their throat,
A search on Google to find something new
Short and pithy to protect what they do.
They’ve changed it now to ‘Do the right thing’
A realigned motto and all is upright again.

'We writers need to stick together.'
'You've joined a creative writing group Tom, don't get ahead of yourself. You must have a circulation all of 50!'
'They're not to know that Sandra.'
'They will when they read the rubbish you produce...'

When I was a lad men worked in industries
They were hard and tough and died in their sixties
You were an adult long before your twenties
A wife a child and other responsibilities
Now the word covers differing sorts of entities
It's hard to break sweat serving pastries.

Another conference. I’m attending the North East Fraud Forum event and presenting. Three slides in and I realise I am delivering the wrong presentation. ‘Who hasn’t done that?’ a colleague said but he was only being kind. At least the audience now know who is the fraud.

Happy-sad, an expression my children used to use
For moments where you'd want to laugh and cry.
Now, getting old, I look back at those happy times
On memories, no longer children, a tear in my eye.

‘I was in the ticket office when I heard this deep rumbling. I looked out and saw 4 class 66s going slowly by.’
‘That’s nice Tom.’
‘Not 1, nor 2, nor 3 but 4. All in a row.’
‘I hope no one saw you, I have to live in this town too.’
‘I’m not doing any harm, Sandra!’