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Trucking On! 100!

'What's all this mess in the kitchen Tom?'
'I've just been beating some eggs.'
‘I’ve no idea what competition you thought you were in but it certainly looks like you won!’
‘Do you want me to clean up Sandra?’
‘Whatever gave you that impression?’

'This magazine is asking celebrities what their biggest achievement is. What's yours Tom?'
'Marrying you of course Sandra. Why, what's yours?'
'Er, probably managing to stay married to you Tom!'
'You're too kind Sandra.'

It may just be my perception
That I spend a lot of time in reception,
Waiting for my next appointment
Hoping that it won’t be a disappointment.
I always have so much to say
Especially on poetry at work day.
#130story #poetryatworkday

'When are you going back to work Tom?'
'Next Thursday, why?'
'It's not that I don't like you around but you're always under my feet. Can you not go out into the garden?'
'But Sandra, it's raining.'

As the big day approaches, Sandra has planned an attack with military precision starting back in September. Tom has set aside a couple of hours on Monday afternoon. That should sort it.
Seasons greetings.

‘Ah, it’s finally arrived.’
‘What has Sandra?’
‘Your nomination for Mastermind.’
‘What? Me on Mastermind.’
‘You’re such a know-it-all Tom, I thought it might bring you down a peg or two.’

'This is a lovely cake Tom.'
'Thanks, it's just something i knocked up.'
'It's a shame you had to get flour from one end of the kitchen to another.'
'Sandra, I can't help it if I'm an artist.'
'You certainly managed to create a mess!'

‘You know, I do like working with Simon, he’s interested in what I’m doing.’
‘He values my opinion, takes me seriously.’
‘He really respects me.’
‘Tom, are you even listening to me?’
‘Eh? What was that Sandra?’