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11 Nov 17 - 21 Aug 19


Trucking On! 100!

‘That’s that then!’
‘That’s what Tom?’
‘I’ve finished the last of my projects. My jobs board is empty.’
‘What? No, that can’t be right. Quick, quick, there must be something that needs doing.’
‘Are you alright Sandra, you look a little pale.’

‘Can you get the top off this for me Tom?’
‘You need to use my lever method, grab the lid tightly,’
‘I’ve always struggled with these.’
‘Stick your elbows out and… Ooh, this one’s on tight Sandra.’
‘Give it here, I’ll have another go!’

‘The second test starts today!’
‘Great Tom, does that mean I lose you for the next few days?’
‘Sure does, got to go along with the Barmy Army.’
‘More like the Sofa Loafer.’
‘Have you seen the remote Sandra?’

‘I see there’s an article here on assisted dying.’
‘You’re not reading the Daily Mail again Tom, are you? You’ll be half way there already!’
‘Ha ha, you’ll not get rid of me that easily Sandra.’
‘Don’t be so sure. As soon as British Airways’ systems are running again!’

‘Why are you taking my new car?’
‘All property is theft, Sandra, I thought it was ours.’
‘When did you become a closet anarchist Tom?’
‘But there’s a principle at stake Sandra.’
‘What, envy?’

In the beginning was the word
One I would rather not say
It means we’re going to leave
When I wish that we could stay.

It’s dragged on for years
And wasted so much time
I’m sure it will end in tears
I just hope that they’re not mine.


‘What’s all this white label stuff?’
‘It was so cheap Sandra.’
‘It’s cheaper for a reason.’
‘I tell you what wasn’t going cheap… the chickens.’
‘You and your white label jokes Tom.’

'I miss working full time sometimes Sandra, the intricate dance of negotiation, the cut and thrust of commerce.'
'But Tom, you spent most of your time in meetings, chatting with your friends, drinking tea and eating biscuits.'
'That's what I think I miss most of all!'