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11 Nov 17 - 29 Apr 22


Trucking On! 250!

'I always thought that Greggs was named after someone called Gregory.'
'I've never thought about it Tom.'
'Apparently it's not though.'
'No? I could murder a cheese savoury stottie!'
'Or a corn beef pasty Sharon...'
'Well, that's lunch sorted!'

'This house is looking jaded.'
'Why, what needs doing?'
'Everything Tom!'
'Well, I could make a start.'
'No, I can't be bothered to do it or get someone in.'
'Perhaps next year then Sharon?'

'Do you remember that report I wrote last year Sharon?'
'That super long one that took you ages?'
'Yep, that one, well they've asked me to make some amendments.'
'Oh yeah Tom, how many?'
'Basically all of it!'
'Oh dear, have you printed it?'
'Yes, it's a start!'

'Ooh, the hurt and pain!'
'Are you reading the news again Tom?'
'No Sharon, just trying to out my socks on!'

'Morning Sharon!'
'Wow, you seem animated today.'
'Yes I'm felling good.'
'But I thought you hated bank holidays Tom.'
'I do, but it's nearly over!'

'Do you think Johnson's trip to Ukraine is linked to #Partygate Tom?'
'Well we need to unlink it, we're not at war!'
'What about the culture war?'
'There is that Sharon, the World Woke Wars.'

'What time are we going out?'
'Whenever your ready Sharon.'
'That's not helpful at all.'
'9:30 then?'
'I couldn't possibly be ready by then Tom!'
'Whenever it is then!'

'These upcoming local elections could be important.'
'I think so Sharon.'
'Are you hoping for a decisive swing Tom?'
'Do you think it'll make any difference?'
'No, obviously!'