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11 Nov 17 - 2 Aug 21


Trucking On! 250!

'I hate it when you wake up with a crap tune in your head in the morning.'
'What is it today Tom?'
'Ra Ra Rasputin.'
'Ah the Boney M classic!'
'I don't know how it got in my head Sharon.'
'Oh those Russians!'

'Are you going out?'
'It seems so Sharon.'
'What for?'
'Well, I'm not prepared for you to put your life on the line.'
'I was only going to Morrisons, Tom!'
'Yes but the little darlings are off school!'

'I'm off to put some fuel in the car Sharon.'
'I haven't heard you say that for months. Why, where are you going?'
'I said I would meet Ron at that new pub that's opened up.'
'Wow, refueling twice in the same day Tom!'

'Why have you got your dinner suit on Tom? I thought we were just going out to a restaurant.'
'I heard you say it was formally.'
'I said it was formerly a hardware shop.'
'Oh, I'll go and get changed then Sharon.'
'And wash your ears out while you're up there!'

'I see Bezos has launched into space.'
'Yeah, I saw that Tom, but only for a few minutes.'
'I wonder why all the effort.'
'I think he wanted to see the top of his pile of money.'
'He didn't go that high Sharon!'

'Oh no, I've messed up somewhere.'
'Why, what's up?'
'It's the crossword, I blew it Sharon.'
'Well come and blow over here, Tom. I'm dying in this heat!'

'I thought you'd retired Tom.'
'Semi-retired Sharon.'
'Aren't you supposed to reduce your hours then?'
'No, I've just squashed them into three days!'

'Where's the hand san?'
'Hand san Tom?'
'I'm shortening words to save time.'
'What the actual!'
'Exactly Sharon!'