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11 Nov 17 - 19 Oct 19


Trucking On! 100!

‘I ought to go and tidy up the leaves Sandra.’
‘I wouldn’t bother, it looks like it’s going to rain.’
‘I’ll put my coat on.’
‘Why the rush Tom? Is it the darts or snooker?’
‘Oh Sandra! I might watch the rugby later.’
‘You ought to Tom.’

‘Tom, what was the name of that pub you went to?’
‘It was the Lord Nelson.’
‘Any good?’
‘Yes, very nice, why do you want to know?’
‘Joyce and I were looking for somewhere for a night out.’
‘Can I come Sandra?’
‘No way, you can stay home and look after Peter and Kevin.’

‘How did it go at the pub?’
‘With Peter?’
‘Why, have you been to the pub with someone else?’
‘We got on very well together, Sandra. I’m glad he’s going to be our neighbour.’
‘So how's Joyce?’
‘No idea, I didn’t ask.’
‘Tom, sometimes I wonder if men are another species.’

‘Where are you off to?’
‘I’m going to the pub.’
‘That’s not like you.’
‘I know but Peter asked me from next door Sandra.’
‘Is Joyce going?’
‘No, but I think Kevin is.’
‘That wouldn’t be the same Tom. Looks like I’m staying home.’

‘Who’s that going next door Sandra?’
‘Give us a clue?’
‘A bloke, about our age, short hair.’
‘That must be Peter, Joyce’s new partner.’
‘Wow, she doesn't let the grass grow under her feet.’
‘She’s been widowed fiver years Tom.’
‘It will be a wrench for Kevin.’

'What's that flatbed on the drive Tom?'
'It's a rental Sandra'
'I can see that but what's it for?'
'I'm picking up a tonne of manure for the potatoes and needed a van.'
'That's all we need around here, more crap!'

‘Did you enjoy that cyber thing Tom?’
‘#CyberFest? Yes it was really good.’
‘So is it finished now?’
‘For this year, Sandra, but they already have an event for next year in the bag.’
‘What, already? Do they never stop?’
‘The bad guys never stop Sandra!’

'There's nothing like the feeling you get when you complete a job well done.'
'But I'm the one whose laid the carpet tiles Sandra!'
'Yes Tom, it was a team effort, you laid them while I told you what to do.'
'Is that me done then?
'Let me just check...'