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11 Nov 17 - 4 Dec 19


Trucking On! 100!

‘Tom, do you fancy going to the Lord Nelson for their Xmas party?’
‘Splice the mainbrace and lash me to the mast.’
‘I’ll take that as a yes then?’
‘I’ve checked the compass and set my bearing, Sandra.’
On second thoughts, I might give it a miss.’

‘Looks like you’ve had a visitor in the garden Tom.’
‘Kevin and he’s left you a little present.’
‘Not again Sandra, if it’s not one end with that dog it’s the other!’
‘You need to speak to Joyce and Peter.’
‘Yep, I don’t know what they feed him!’

‘I’ve never understood that expression Sandra.’
‘Which one?’
'Curiosity killed the cat.’
‘Perhaps you need to investigate it more Tom.’
‘But that’s the point, it may kill me.’

'It's just a heavy cold, you'll survive.'
'No, it's man-flu, Sandra. It's a scientifically proven thing.'
'Well is there anything I can do for the patient?'
'No thanks, I'll just sit here and read the paper.'
'So, basically the same as when you are well Tom?'

'Tom! Tom!'
'Are you calling Sandra? I can't hear you over the clarinet.'
'Tell me about it, I can't hear myself think!'
'Well I have to practice if I am going to realise my true potential.'
'Can you not play something different? A tune would be nice!'

‘What’s this blond hair on your jacket Tom?’
‘What, where? Oh that.’
‘It’s certainly not one of mine.’
‘I think I must have picked it up from Kevin next door.’
‘Kevin? He’s a chocolate lab. That would be a miracle!’
‘They do happen Sandra.’
‘Not around here they don’t!’

‘It’s good to establish a routine once you’ve retired.’
‘I thought you’d only semi-retired Tom?’
‘Yes, you know what I mean, you need routine to keep you going.’
‘Like sitting on the sofa all morning while I run around tidying up?’
‘Well, something like that Sandra!’

'Peter brought me some brown cheese back from Norway.'
'Ah he's back from his trip then, Tom.'
'Yes, last night , it's called brunost I think.'
'Did he have a good time?'
'I didn't ask, he had me at the cheese, Sandra!'