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Trucking On! 250!

'You should stand as a candidate in the next election Tom.'
'But they're not until 2024.'
'That's good.'
'Why's that Sharon?'
'It will give you a chance to grow a thicker skin.'

'The post's arrived!'
'Oh dear, a an official brown envelope That's ominious.'
'Perhaps its a government requistion for the supply of PPE.'
'But I've no experience of such things, Sharon.'
'Stranger things have happened Tom.'

Think of the COVID sacrifice we're all having to make. My life has been turned on its head!
What Tom? The only difference is you go to Morrissons once a week?
Well Sharon, you know what I mean.
At least I know now what has turned your head!

#130story small nuggets of amusement

What's Derek doing now?
Why Tom, what's up?
He's walking up and down the street with a long pole, stopping the residents.
I think it's part of his lockdown strategy, you know, two metres and the three tiers.
Well, it's all bound to end in tears Sharon!
Yours or his?

'Turn over Sharon will you.'
'You've got the bleeper, Why what's wrong?'
'It's not very amusing, all doom and gloom.'
'It's the news Tom!'

What's that bird in the garden?
It's a lesser-spotted tree warbler, Sharon.
Are you sure, it looks like a pigeon to me.
You're right, I just made it up.
Really Tom, that's not like you!
I know, I've made a career of it.

'That must have been a bit intense Tom.'
'Seeing Derek outside Holland and Barrett shouting Lisa.'
'It was intense.'
'So, what did you do?'
'What anyone else would have done Sharon, I crossed the street and pretended to look in shop windows!'