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25 Sep 13 - 16 May 17


Earlybird! 5!

@130story Slipped slates and broken wondows, grass in the guttering and weeds at the door. Once there was life but…

It needed more than tea to cure this one. Steam filled her nostrils as she breathed in the sweet brew and thought deeply. @130story

There was something about this, his latest creation, which had masterpiece written all over it. Would others see it as he did? @130story

That's all it needed, no words spoken, just THE look and he knew he had spoken out of turn. He would suffer later for sure! @130story

The childrens eyes were out on stalks, suddenly, there he was, white beard, red coat, the lot. Now, where did he come from? @130story

What was once just the skeleton of an idea was now printed and in her hand. How would it be received? she waited nervously @130story

Hereyes opened,realisation of events to come that day filtered into her conscious thoughts. Flutters of excitement waved over her @130story

Sorry, what's that you say?
Didn't quite hear

'its Poetry Day'

What's it all about?
You'll have to SHOUT!