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She pats the red bow in her hair, ties her shoes, gets on the bus, clip-clops up the bank's steps and demands money with menaces. @130story

Bow” by robcmorgan, 7 Oct 14

"It's hotter than Mercury in here"

"Mercury measures the temperature, it's neither hot nor cold!"

I put his card in the bin.


I tried to pretend I didn't know if he took sugar in his tea - playing it cool, like. He thought I was making a point. @130story

The shower was cold but he was too excited to notice. She was joking about coming in with him, obviously - but what kind of joke? @130story

I returned to my seat. Had I just told everyone I was dying? People avoided my gaze, shocked. They won't remember tomorrow, right? @130story

"Hear hear".Dad went red when he tapped.Pretends like he's annoyed John's marrying his girl. Mum says he hates him cos I'm young. @130story

"Every creator is despised by his creation, that is his tragedy"

"Dude, you ain't Nietzsche. And I'm a pizza. I hate you."


Most of what he screams from his bed as he dreams is nonsense, but occasionally there is clarity; and "quick-march" is the worst. @130story