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Sorting through some old fabrics I lost sight of my prize possession. Quick there I exclaimed! That furry cloth? No it's a sloth! @130story

Awoken from nightmare by a black cat, Broomstick resting on door.. nauseous I notice my skin, Green? Focus on my nose .. A wart!! @130story

Lined up for their turn, every child wondering who would win the welly chucking contest. Typical Billy!! Trust him to over throw! @130story

@130story A man in the doctors waiting room wearing clothes made entirely of stickytape!!! Surely the reason for his hairlessness was clear?

He stood in the sun resplendent in his nakedness, proud in the rustling orchard with no regard for the fruit in its awkward blush @130story

In his big brown eyes I saw fear and sadness, 1 tear glistening on big black eyelashes. Could I let this happen? My Donkey? Glue? @130story

She woke to the sound of distant thunder, stretched out an arm to feel the cool cotton sheet ... it was not a dream. He was gone. @130story