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Well if there’s a feeling
There is a kernel of truth in it
Isn’t there?
Heard it all before
In their perception

Spat in anger
Spilt in tears
Sung with joy
Tenderly held
And caressed with love
Their power fading
Over the years

So yet another email asking for my feedback on a purchase, that still sat in its suffocating wrapping. ‘Can we have your rating?’ #130story

His extensive use of the character counter had left his story without any plot, no thread, directionless and totally emotionless. #130story

He kept bouncing his pen acros the exam paper. It wouldn’t reveal its secrets ‘...complete the series...’ #130story #130forlife

She was like an old paraffin lamp, slowly painting ever dimmer light on the walls as its wick was put out. He hated Alzheimer's. #130story

'Popularity. That weeping, open sore that oozes its sickness across the conscience of society..' 'Dad! It's just Geordie shore! #130story

@130story So the ticker tape replaced by radio. Radio by TV. Newspapers trundling on. Superseded by the information…