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13 Jan 15 - 26 May 15



@130story Only after putting his shadow selfie on Instagram did he spot the arm in the picture wasn't holding a phone, but a kitchen knife.

Cloth” by Swissss, 27 May 15

Fright or flight?
Lurking class or born with a silver spook?
A spirited charge or an own-ghoul?
I couldn't scare less.

Scare” by Swissss, 21 May 15

They spent the whole 9 months talking, debating and arguing. They wrote each other essays and letters before settling on 'Frank'. @130story

Wart” by Swissss, 19 May 15

24,067AD. Human evolution has been slow, but we now have bobbly, ping-pong-bat grips on our arses, hands and feet made from warts. @130story

Wart” by Swissss, 18 May 15

@130story Wirntig wrods oto qickluy whituto slpechlercke siwchtde no cna fcous teh raeedr adn mkae setnecnes spurirsngily claer.

Clear” by Swissss, 14 May 15

Food and hope were gone. He started plaiting a basic rope - only later noticing the thick branch that subconsciously inspired him. @130story

Rope” by Swissss, 19 Apr 15

Browse, verb. Something English people feel compelled to do when they are certain they've walked into the wrong shop. @130story

Tick” by Swissss, 16 Apr 15

Slash word count. Dash off a missive. Stop waffling. Be greater than. Pound the keys. Shift yourself. Earn that blue tick. @130story

House” by Swissss, 15 Apr 15