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Earlybird! 25!

The dog had been sitting on the edge of the frozen lake licking its nuts. Trouble with getting old was it now really needed a tree @130story

The solstice has passed, Spring was not far away. The plants could feel it, starting to grow and force their way to the surface @130story

The night shift was always slow, but tonight was slower than normal. In fact it was actually slower, time itself was slowing down. @130story

"Can't beat an early morning walk to shake out the cobwebs. How far?" "S'miles" she said "across the bridge and through the woods" @130story

Solomon was seeking vengeance, and it would be swift and merciless. He would fulfil his destiny - he was The Left Hand of God. @130story

The Frankenstein kit had arrived and Sue had begun building, but there was a problem. A part was missing, there was no C-limb! @130story

Deep within the computer decisions were being made with ineffable logic. The subsystems were being polled and a conclusion drawn. @130story

The Chilterns are a place of flint and chalk in great rolling hills; soft with rock hard nuggets at its core, a land of variety. @130story