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“Oh yeah big lad”
“No, I’m not offering it up, cheeky … I was just wondering if you’re gay, mm?” @130story

Gazing glumly at the cigarettes & Newcastle Brown Ale on the table, he concluded that, on the whole, life had taken an odd turn @130story

-Speak, or forever hold thy piss!
-Erm, surely that's not right reverend?
-My church, my bloody rules .. WHICH IS IT?

No, you buffoon, I said 'totalitarian' state. Why would I want to run a 'totally Aryan' state .. I'm not even white! @130story

"To the peak, and beyond!". The cap-based animation's catchphrases had yet to be perfected. @130story

>But what if I could?
>you couldn't
>but what if..
>No, you can't swallow the moon & even if you could, you still wouldn't float! @130story

It was in the will that he found the biggest insult; all 13 guinea pigs that he'd failed to successfully poison that year. @130story

Dripping with sweat and gurning with drug-fuelled euphoria, the base was happily ripping him apart on that dancefloor @130story