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The astronomer's life followed too predictable laws. It was in a steady state. All was relative, but how he wished for a Big Bang @130story

Looking up at him, her unexpected question & intensity startled him.
"Do you ever regret what you did for the state, as KGB?"

She couldn't help but laugh when she saw the state he'd managed to get himself into trying to wash the (still muddy) dog. @130story

It was carnage, red everywhere you looked, oh the screaming and yelling! That's the last time I stand in for 'Arts and Crafts' @130story

303 for Colorado. 404 for Georgia. 505 for New Mexico. 606 for Kentucky. 707 for California. 808 for the Pacific state of Hawaii. @130story

State” by edbroom, 1 Mar 14

Red hot bubbling lava,oozing,molten state, Was used by a scientist frying eggs on a plate! @130story

Typing in "Bare with me"he realised too late,It WASN'T the meaning he wanted to state... @130story

No, you buffoon, I said 'totalitarian' state. Why would I want to run a 'totally Aryan' state .. I'm not even white! @130story