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No one can ever know what goes on in someone else's mind, the motivations of his inner self; even he may not understand. #130story

They were accustomed to always being in control, not prepared when they lost the reins. Time to reevaluate and regroup. #130story

Dangerous suspects are at large. Give us your tips! Don't give us your tips!! Do you have tips? Sorry, what kind of tips? #130story

In the beginning, they were missing children. It's beginning to appear that they chose to lose their childhood long ago. #130story

No one knows the sorrow experienced by a homicide survivor, except another homicide survivor. #130story

At the funeral reception, they had snuck down to the basement, to get away from the crowd. There they had told stories of the victim, and laughed while remembering funny events of the past. It felt good to laugh. They had spent too much time crying. #130story

No witnesses had come forward; this troubled her greatly. What if the murder was never solved? She didn't think she could bear the pain of that. #130story

Titles, titles! How important are your books' titles? Writers' dilemmas. Asking for a friend. #130story