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Going undercover in America was a breeze for an Englishman, but he blew his cover. "Chips not crisps" he cried,but it was too late @130story

She caught the smell of pipe tobacco and was back to 1975. He was lost in the fug of smoke in the corner, but she saw him fall. @130story

Friends flocked to his funeral and she buried him with his favourite hat. It was the perfect way to say goodbye until he woke up @130story

@130story He couldn't part with it. This ragged companion was his childhood comfort. But then he saw the wad of notes and memory faded.

"Lemon Curd and Ham on the same sandwich?". She nodded while looking at the Mothercare brochure. Holmes was completely stumped. @130story

Hands thrust in hot suds, she cast a look of hatred.He'd promised a life of revolution and adventure.Her fingers gripped the bowl @130story

"We can't release him into the wild" she wailed. "He can't fend for himself." He opened the door as the school bus arrived. @130story

He'd removed the body, washed blood from the floor. It was the perfect crime,but the photo glared at him still. What did it want? @130story