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She lit a match,regretted it when flames began to dance.But with petrol all over her,she didn't stand a chance... @130story

I felt an evil presence in the room. I said, "You're all in my mind. I can think you away." But then the furniture began to shake. @130story

Len get the axe, if you break the teeth on my Japanese tenon saw I'll not be amused, and your getting blood on the rattan handle @130story

Friends flocked to his funeral and she buried him with his favourite hat. It was the perfect way to say goodbye until he woke up @130story

Was it suicide? Maybe it was murder made to look like suicide. Or was it suicide made to look like murder - the ultimate betrayal @130story

Puzzled,the detectives couldn't find a weapon that had ended his life.But... the leg of lamb was being roasted by his own wife @130story

Scraping and scratching; every time he dipped into slumber they re-started; unpredictable and creepy, only silenced in dawnlight. @130story

She flung open the wardrobe door just to prove to her thumping heart that there was nothing evil inside. Nobody heard her scream. @130story

A hundred shrouded arms wrapped themself around him and drew him down, like water claiming a sinking pebble, drowning him in fear. @130story

horror” by hill79, 23 Mar 14

Intruder stands in silence. Brief, awkward gaze. Eyeballs shifting searching. Grappling hands, animal screams. Silence once again. @130story

The hairs on his neck made him think that maybe, just maybe, poltergeists do actually exist. Then it hit him, yes they do. @130story