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She fluttered her hand in front of her like a Regency lady delicately fanning. In reality she was overcome by his terrible Cologne #130story

Bigger and bigger, suffocating the remaining space, the sponge-like creature was expanding into every nook and cranny of the room. #130story

"No, the I comes before the A"

Every time. Every single time. Checking into hotels with a common name just shouldn't be this hard #130story

And with the smell of cordite and the sound of a single gunshot ringing in their ears it became clear to all that the coup was on. #130story

All it required was the simple act of pressing the India ink-soaked rubber stamp firmly down into the bottom corner of the paper. #130story

Removing the cover and ferreting between the assorted body parts, Brad was amazed to find the source of the buzz was a tiny motor #130story

"Does paying for stuff with this make me look like a dick?" he asked as he tapped his watch on the credit card machine.


Every time he saw the cheeky little grin his spirits were lifted. It was tragic that the grubby little photo was now so faded. #130story