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The egg his mother served wasn't properly done. He flew into a rage and broke a chair. The problem had been incubating for decades @130story

Some said the band were cool, others that they were hot, but he found them tepid. With musical taste there was no reliable gauge. @130story

Aunt Gertie was loopy
Not right in the head
She said she saw angels and ghosts of the dead
And once even Jesus appeared by her bed

He wanted to think outside the box and unpack some new ideas, but he was wrapped tight in his old ways and nothing would stack up. @130story

HELL FREEZES OVER "It's no more than unseasonal weather. No evidence shows that sulphur emissions are responsible," comments Satan @130story

He'd achieved all of his life goals. He could command a table at the best restaurants. But still he hungered for something more. @130story

She spoke of her healing power & how we only use 10% of our brain. She probably thought there were 500 words for snow in Inuit too @130story

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe couldn't get a place in a boot, but when her children left home she ran foul of the bedroom tax. @130story