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Encased in a tough shell, symmetrical hemispheres and deep-grooved folding matter. Uncanny how the walnut resembled a human brain. @130story

The man scanned CCTV,found suspects like a game.Using photographic memory,an amazing brain! @130story

Aldo's go. We've all done it. Round to The Pink Lotus. Ask for fried monkey brain. Drives her mad, the lady. He's taking his time. @130story

Brain” by edbroom, 7 Apr 14

She looked at him and thought for once that her heart and her brain may be working in tandem.He of course had no clue her turmoil @130story

Friday night, snow falling, he passed a beggar & wondered whether to give his last £10. Given the temperature it was a no-brainer @130story

She spoke of her healing power & how we only use 10% of our brain. She probably thought there were 500 words for snow in Inuit too @130story

"Come on, think!" He hit himself in the head, as if physical force might encourage the neurons in his brain in to action. No luck. @130story

Brain” by hill79, 7 Apr 14

They looked at an apparently pickled brain in a jar. It began to pulse, almost imperceptibly at first. Pain slid into their heads. @130story