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Being an extension of each other's minds, hearts, souls & bodies, every moment of every day. Such is the lives of soulmates who overcame. The reward is gentle and eternal, resonating with the world. #130story

Her beloved guided the car down spring-lush country roads with natural ease. Expertly into bursting life, leaving sick-beds and dead-ends behind. Seven nights of bliss before them, an ocean of sighs. #130story

Two days now. Only two left! Then awaits the thrumming of travelling, plunging headfirst into sticky, sweaty, facel…

Mira bathed her weary face in the last light of the setting sun. The crow landed softly on her shoulder with a rust…

Crow” by Cittius, 1 Feb 18

And for a brief time their circles touched. He was an abused and scarred flight-risk where she was a tortured, wish…

Human” by Cittius, 29 Jan 18

It is a gift to know him so completely. Being one, really. To relax in a connection so thorough that thoughts seem…

Tears have been falling from the sky for days. Steady, murky and only fitting, sorrow on account of uprooting and u…

Forgive me. Forgive me. My heart is broken too. We are just specks of light, continents apart. Lifetimes apart. #130story