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3 Sep 13 - 7 Sep 13


Earlybird! 5!

@130story "I'll see you in the morning ok? I missed you so much! Have to go, they're boarding my flight." "Ok, goodnight daddy. I love you."

Fly” by danbot78, 7 Sep 13

@130story Confident, relieved, he stood up to shake his hand. However his interviewer had one last question. "You know your fly is undone?".

Fly” by danbot78, 7 Sep 13

@130story Laughing, he reloaded. Regarding their victim with something approaching pity, she eagerly held out her hand and said, "My turn!"

@130story The diagnosis had taken much, but it had also allowed this moment. Posting his resignation, he smiled imagining his boss' reaction

@130story As the door opened, his mouth went dry and he started to struggle. "I didn't want to hurt you, but you broke my one rule."

Tear” by danbot78, 4 Sep 13

@130story She loved her bear. He'd always tell himself he did it for her, but would always remember her tears as he took it away.

Tear” by danbot78, 4 Sep 13