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The world is getting smaller. Size of a city block. Small world. So our problems are finite. Mostly boredom. Also, malice. @130story

The Ark will find a better world. We wave.But it explodes at sea. The worthy drown screaming.A meek man cheers, We inherit earth! @130story

I became untethered. I'm stranded in orbit. Spinning closer in or further away. I can't tell, with life flashing before my eyes. @130story

I lock the invader in the bedroom. 4-6 weeks, say busy police. I feed wafer thin ham under the door. He rifles my room every [email protected]

2 infected lovers. Only enough cure for 1. Tally their peeves, their quiet grudges. Who will win? You decide! @130story

2 burglars break into 1 house. Surprised, they fight. 1 is tied up. 1 runs with his haul, calls to warn the owners of the [email protected]

In awkward situations I freeze up. Like small talk. I wear instructions, an icepick. Cut the ice fast. Before my cold heart [email protected]

Death and I drown our sorrows at the bar. Mine: failing marriage, dead end job. His: burden of 100 billion deaths so far. @130story