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"But the x-ray shows a broken clavicle?!"
"Nonsense", chided Dr Blair, "We're removing the left lung. History will prove me right"

Cure” by jtruk, 10 Jul 16

His hands, shiny-greasy. Her look, disappointed. A breakfast sandwich. The only thing cured was the meat. @130story …

2 infected lovers. Only enough cure for 1. Tally their peeves, their quiet grudges. Who will win? You decide! @130story

I lay. Directions were given, drips administered. Death's black wings stretched over my head. He wheeled off to alight elsewhere. @130story

“Shaking limbs, quaking boots; we can’t take no substitutes.” The final push is in our mind. We leave the sodden trench behind. @130story

Cure” by adycoles, 11 Jul 16