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Bill sighed as the debate ended. He silently wondered if in fact Trump is a man from Mars given his politics are so alien. @130story

Outwardly the skin had a shiny red brilliance, inviting a bite. But beyond the crunchy flesh lay foul taste. The core was rotten. @130story

The groom's dance of pain across the barn was somewhat bemusing to the horses who always had nails in their feet. @130story

A stupid pout? That's nowt I thought. I could do better just by twisting my snout. And with a snort, that's just what I did. @130story

He struggled with the new service and was frustrated by the experience. The promises of user-centred design were, sadly, fake. @130story

The needle hit the vinyl and began its spiral scratch. The crackles, hisses and pops couldn’t hide the genius of Thelonious Monk. @130story

The final crease ironed out, he donned his suit, climbed on to the chair, put the rope around his neck and stepped into oblivion. @130story