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#130story He was up all night searching through his books,and found just what he needed to jail this bunch of crooks.

#130story Keeping calm is the key,"Don't get into a state". He calmly moves his piece across into a checkmate!

She tries to use some pressure. The lid will still not yield. It seems this pot of jam is just too tightly sealed! #130story

#130story The toddler finds it useful when working out her sums, to use her toys and pencils,her fingers and her thumbs!

#130story The sailor tells so many tales of things done in his youth. But once he's had a drink or two,I doubt that they're the truth!

#130story The vintage car stops in the street.Then it does a trick so neat.Front wheels turn by 90 degrees,making parking such a breeze!

#130story Chairs scrape against the floor,before there was a din. But now the girls are silent. The teacher's walking in!

#130story She strikes a match in anger,pours petrol on her head.No empty threats,she'd meant it when she wished that she was dead.