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#130story She spent the day at Eastbourne, it’s right next to the sea. Had fish and chips and ice cream, a cup of English tea!

10 points then 20,she thinks she has plenty.But goes on a spree and gets more books for free! #130story

5 across”Horrid man”begins with S.
Last letter E,she cannot guess.
Until her mind begins to twig,
It’s just another name for pig. #130story

The Greek goddess was Nike(like crikey)I was told. But store staff call it Nike (like bike) wherever it is sold! #130story #justdoit

The Greek goddess was NIKE(like crikey)I was told. But store staff call it NIKE(like bike)wherever it is sold! #130story

#130story He was up all night searching through his books,and found just what he needed to jail this bunch of crooks.

#130story Keeping calm is the key,"Don't get into a state". He calmly moves his piece across into a checkmate!

She tries to use some pressure. The lid will still not yield. It seems this pot of jam is just too tightly sealed! #130story