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Points make prizes
For me and you
But there'll be more nil points
When we leave the EU.

#130story Pete points pointily at Pat. "Pull this." Pat pulls Pete's pointy finger. Pete and Pat's parrott is blown off his perch. Poor Polly.

‘Calm down Tom.’
‘It gets me so angry!’
‘I get the points you are making but the television can’t hear you, no matter how many times you shout.’
‘They’re lying to you Sandra, lying I tell you.’
‘When did you say you were going back to work?’


Chris Grayling went over the points
And he blew, "Whoo hoo"
Being shown controls of train
Secretary of State finally cracked
Chris Grayling went over the points
Going," Whoo hoo"
Wrote off two locomotives
He still couldn't get himself sacked
And he blew, "Whoo hoo"

10 points then 20,she thinks she has plenty.But goes on a spree and gets more books for free! #130story