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15 Nov 13 - 10 Jan 18


Earlybird! 500!

Sending that letter to T? Nice. But that night I stood by the postbox with a torch, three clothes hangers and a wad of Blu Tack. #130story

Time's running out to get folkies Tom & Dick on stage with survivors of Zappa's band for the Smothers Brothers Mothers Union #130story

Union” by edbroom, 10 Nov 17

I've sat in comedy lectures and attended stand-up classes but I'll never be as good as Cleese, Barker or Corbett. I know my place. #130story

Bragg's guitar. Sade's voice. Weller's attitude. Somerville's energy. Bananarama's hair. What a way to celebrate Labor Day 1986. #130story

Labor” by edbroom, 8 Nov 17

"Son, mission statement plus vision plus values equals strategy."
"Really, Dad? This isn't a solicitors. It's an ice cream van." #130story

After being told to quit my mute & nude Ophelia audition, I gestured to the director. Let's just say I'm no longer RSC affiliated. #130story

Imagine you're Frederick The Great. You're responsible for Brandenberg, Saxony, Pomerania, and now Silesia. Prussia was enormous. #130story

On my Saisho boombox, I assumed graphics EQ was short for earthquake. Certainly seemed like it when I belted out Being Boiled. #130story