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Dew drops fell from the sky, with a hint of strawberry parfait and a dash of dark chocolate. Sizzling skin revealed the truth. @130story

The walls drip, and the rats crawl. Trembling hands fumble with a key that will never fit the lock. No answer for a twisted game. @130story

A dainty note upon his bedside table. "Fish out your specs and your thick woollen gear, and come join me, my dear, at the lake." @130story

"What's sweat?" he asked the elderly lady.
She smiled. "When you get too close to the devil, your body cries for forgiveness." @130story

River fairies skim the surface, dusting the air with powdered light. It mingles, flares, giving rise to the world beyond the eyes. @130story

Willows weep and whisper, tossing shredded leaves into a murky stream. "We tried to save her, but our boughs became her downfall." @130story

Every lie he speaks, every sound he breathes, drives the splinters of this plank further into her heart. 75 percent and counting. @130story

The bearded lady sways in the breeze. Munch munch. The lady's head is gone. All the rabbits leave behind is a half-chewed bulb. @130story