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@130story Well I was in jury attendance and the victim had an injury so severe he couldn't speak; video evidence is…

"Can you draw a ferret?" she asked. I tried but it looked like a rat. "Its like a mongoose" she said; but wafer thin! @130story

Need the Loo Kath; please take me? Ok but I won't look like last time; you thought it funny to say you were done and you weren't @130story

Look” by folkastro, 5 Aug 16

I'm holidaying in Micronesia on an Atoll. I hope the ATOL license is secure. Did you know there is a toll to get on the island @130story

Toll” by folkastro, 1 Aug 16

Leave the table tidy after you've eaten; I'm off to work she said. Didn't mention the carpet which is now covered in crumbs. @130story

This bra keeps slipping. Perhaps I'm losing weight I thought! You said to put it on the next clasp and that put a brake on it. @130story

"Don't use all the coffee and seal the bag" Mum said. Well I used more than I ought and put some gravy powder in to balance up! @130story

With the blackest ink I wrote my will; the last words I would ever write; my final thoughts to my loved ones; instinct took over @130story

Rip” by folkastro, 25 Jul 16