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Captain Hook took the cook book back to the library. He didn't have time to look as he was busy pirating and couldn't read anyway @130story

Look” by JonnaKing, 6 Aug 16

Jam-stained hands, damage done. Ma's donuts. LisaMariaSmith she shouted, that look, Maria was a bad sign. @130story …

I don't know which book to choose. I reach for the shelf but my mam grabs my hand. "You look with your eyes, not your hands."

Need the Loo Kath; please take me? Ok but I won't look like last time; you thought it funny to say you were done and you weren't @130story

Look” by folkastro, 5 Aug 16

I'm not one for might've beens. But I got a signal alright. And I thought, "this is it, throw it all away" I'd got that look,see? @130story