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2 Sep 13 - 2 Mar 17


Earlybird! 100!

“Yes… yes! YES!” she gasped, her pulse racing “OH GOD… YES! YEEEESSSS!!! OHHH YEEESSSSS!!!”



A lifetimes accumulation of novels rested in quiet, disorganised piles in every corner of her home. Tall tales gathering dust. #130story

Tales” by hill79, 10 Feb 17

“This time, come on...”
Last match, last chance.

Strikes” by hill79, 1 Feb 17

Five mugs rest on a wobbly kitchen shelf, arms fixed in a porcelain salute to their fallen sixth comrade. #130story

Ancient skin cracked and fell away in a cascade of delicate flakes, the body beneath renewed, reborn and eager to test its limits. @130story

Reborn” by hill79, 29 Jan 16

Lifting the receiver ended the ringing that’d felt like a drill penetrating her brain - “Collect call madam, will you accept?” @130story

Thick fingers gripping cold iron bars, he watched the sun set on the world outside. Freedom. Barely more than a distant memory. @130story

His finger ran over the perfect teeth, molar, bicuspid, incisor... He placed the new addition amongst them and closed the box. @130story