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She'd told so many tales. Now she was the tale. Would anyone remember her tale? Would anyone remember her? You bet yer they will

A modern version of a classic punishment – I had to type "I will not tell tall tales" 1,000 times. Copy and paste was disabled. #130story

The flickering fire reflected in his eyes. Some stories he made up. Some were true. You could tell by the occasional glazed look.

Tales” by jtruk, 9 Feb 17

Tony told tales
of adventures in Wales,
exaggerating a bit
cause he is a big twit.
Bless him though his mum loves him

Dustin was drunk.
"I tell you I could have played Michael Corleone? Oh, and Gandhi too?"
None of us believed the tales of Hoffman.

Tales” by edbroom, 10 Feb 17

When she was a little girl she learned it was wrong to tell tales. Later in life, in the dock, she was frightened to speak. #130story

We knew the weight they carried: hoisted on shoulders, stacked in hearts. We'd given them the building blocks for most of it. #130story

She loved her dad's tales.. they were funny, but this one wasn't. The hairs on the back of her neck prickled and she shivered #130story

Fear crept in. Something needed to be done, acting innocent was as bad as acting ignorant. The white lie no longer seemed so clean #130story

#130story The sailor tells so many tales of things done in his youth. But once he's had a drink or two,I doubt that they're the truth!

A lifetimes accumulation of novels rested in quiet, disorganised piles in every corner of her home. Tall tales gathering dust. #130story

Tales” by hill79, 10 Feb 17