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11 Mar 17 - 28 Aug 19



Thank you for featuring me and my 130-character stories, Juan. I've not played for a while, but I'll be back next year when I have a bit more time...

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Ambulatory mode.


Thor's Day

Bored. Bored. Bored. Might toss my hammer about a bit and upset those pesky humans. Now, where did I leave the effing thing?


At 57.9 degrees latitude (N), am regretting cavalier decision not to bring jim-jams. Using pocket money to remedy this in the morning. #130story

Summer Fruit: Ripen-at-home peaches

Day 6: somewhat al dente (like biting into a turnip).

Day 7: Enough penicillin to make Big Pharma's knees knock.


At 36 degrees, I was shivering in thermal socks and furry cardigan. With more than a little gratitude, I turned on the heating. #130story

All that she desired was for Windows 10 to play nice with her printer. Doing the final proof on screen is far from fool-proof.


The word 'execute'

conjures up 'les tricoteuses' -

those knitting women.