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@130story My vices were multiple; my virtue, singular. So politics was for me. Alas, the seven deadly sins were not my undoing. Honesty was.

@130story "You'd be amazed what I can do with a Mars Bar." she breathed into his ear. "Ah, but I'm even better with a Milky Way..."

@130story Hope. As delicate and evanescent as gas; but as important to life as blood and breath thought Sisyphys as the peak came into view.

@130story Mud is elemental. In the beginning there was mud. Then the mud became sentient and talked to other mud. "It's good to be mud".

@130story After breakfast, they came for him with the blindfold. "But, what about my last meal?" "I'm sorry, but you have had your bacon."

@130story She was an emotional vampire. To her, my strangled sobbing, was just a midnight snack, a trauma in a bun. @130story

Our relationship needed to grow, but we couldn't see how until we opened our marriage and invited the seven dwarves into it. @130story

He cast about for inspriation, but couldn't find any for his @130story