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Big bully Barry burgled Bishop Billy's bacon butty but Bishop Billy bishopfully bashed bumptious Barry's bacon belly beautifully @130story

Smoked or unsmoked? Dry cure? Streaky?
Jeff stood for minutes, paralysed by choice. He didn't want to make any rasher decisions.

Bacon” by jtruk, 16 Aug 16

Top man, Roger. Big on scientific deduction, foreign languages and watching the stars. Alchemy aside, you'd have to back Bacon. @130story

Bacon” by edbroom, 16 Aug 16

@130story After breakfast, they came for him with the blindfold. "But, what about my last meal?" "I'm sorry, but you have had your bacon."

He stared pensively out the window, the latest experiment hadn't gone as expected. "Francis!" The ruler slammed on the table. @130story