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wordS arranged in a cErtain way, no music or fiLm, no coLouring in, nothIng too odd or straNge...just letters and words on a paGe. #130story

At the old Brown Bull
The air reeked of desperation
Booze, cigarettes and sweat
Old school unshaven faces
Untapped talent and regret.

Bull” by kojotiger, 8 Nov 18

Perhaps he was a blunt instrument. Maybe not the sharpest tool in the box. Still, he knew the thin end of a wedge when he saw one. #130story

He's a bit weird dad, always going on about them. 'Look, a perpendicular bough!' Big deal. Who cares? Although, it…

It seemed only his head had aged. The bleeding brain, hidden in the large skull, oddly dominant and avuncular in those last days. #130story

The candid and critical friend tried to keep him on the straight-and-narrow but in the end a curvy broad proved to hold the power. #130story

Thoughts scattered across the screen in seconds. At 120 wpm ideas instantly came alive. Fingers was faster than the speed of mind. @130story

Bare legs, thinning tyres, one looping corner and a shake of unfeasible speed, finish with a light drizzle over asphalt. @130story