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Qwerty the typist waits for her Prince Charming. "He departed with the keys to my heart, but I'll wait till his carriage returns." @130story

Donate now. What started as a sideline at the bike shop now needs a dozen or more elves to help Santa. @130story

Bike” by sosbetty, 25 Oct 16

My dad pushed me then let go. My first bike ride! 10 seconds in I hit a curb and flew over the handlebars. Practice makes perfect. @130story

Small rusty bike frames litter scrapyards and wastelands. Forgotten metal ghosts of adventurous childhoods @130story

Bare legs, thinning tyres, one looping corner and a shake of unfeasible speed, finish with a light drizzle over asphalt. @130story

Seeing him fly down the hill on his bike, I yelled "Congrats on that award!" No reaction. Off he went, the freewheeling Bob Dylan. @130story

Bike” by edbroom, 25 Oct 16