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Happy whistled cheerfully as Sneezy sneezed, waking Sleepy and Dopey. Grumpy frowned, Bashful hid and Doc reached for the tissues.

A white marble campanile,
In the city of Pisa, they built.
But the ground was soft and soggy,
And the tower now has a tilt.

He knelt on the cold flagstones, head bowed, cloak spread around him like a crimson puddle. Tap. Tap. He stood. A knight at last.

The twins scampered away, leaving bows and arrows scattered about.
"We left you too long with that she-wolf," said Mars, angrily.

Called away from a party, his head still echoing with laughter and lighthearted chatter, the pathologist bent to his grim task. @130story

A pugnacious pugilist, Frank was rarely seen without at least one black eye, and his grin revealed a number of missing teeth.

She spent the weeks before her grade 8 exam with the violin tucked beneath her chin, bow drawing sweet sounds from the strings.

They couldn't understand why everyone kept bumping into them, until Arlene cried: "No, no! It's slow, slow, quick, QUICK, slow!"