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"Just why is Uncle Richard coming to see us?" questioned the 2 boys as they looked out the small window of the Tower @130story

Cloak” by Helipix, 1 Oct 16

Jim forgot to take his invisibility cloak off as he got into bed and gave his wife the fright of her life. Amongst other things @130story

He knelt on the cold flagstones, head bowed, cloak spread around him like a crimson puddle. Tap. Tap. He stood. A knight at last.

Mum insists that I'm the spit of Bruce, her late father, but he towered above me. My grandfather's cloak is too tall for myself. @130story

Cloak” by edbroom, 30 Sep 16

Lost : Invisible cloaking device. Substantial reward if found, bigger if returned @130Story

Cloak” by Helipix, 30 Sep 16

Harry Potter married a Klingon. They met in the library when they both reached for "Cloaking for Dummies" at the same time. @130story

The bridge closed mournfully.
Despite its global visual fame, people still thought it was named after the city in which it stood. @130story