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23 Jun 77 - 22 Mar 19


Trucking On! 250!

Torbay voted to have a Mayor
A low turn out, not many care
A few years later, we voted once more
Another low turnout but a reversed score
Soon, a Mayor will no longer be ours
Politics is as fickle as April showers

Every single day is poetry day
410 #130story tweets, what more can I say?

Polls get them there
Polls are what they ignore ...
The rest of this poem is censored as I don't wish to be banned from Twitter

Evil was a hero
He leapt buses and cars
He won our hearts
And suffered many scars

Just a single bad connection
And Daphne's time machine would err
The next five minutes
Would be a euphoric blur

Viewers of my tweets
Are quite often amused
And almost as often
Those viewers are confused

She posts a letter in a little red box
Supported by a post marked by a fox
In the box, snails devour her letter
Sending an email may have been better

That 130 story has no Sunday challenge
Could be considered to be very sad
But you can post as often as you like
So, it really isn't that bad