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I haven't submitted #130story for many a long day
And, I'm afraid, it is likely to stay that way

I've added 'Royal' to my AI news filter. It already blocks 'Brexit'. Things have gone awfully quiet today! It's as though nothing else existed

Centers are in the USA
From Washington State to Giants Bay

Tomorrow's Western Morning News
What will the headlines say?
Local election winners and losers
From Lands End to Lyme Bay

Much of what I have written can be purchased
But that's commercial and unsuitable for a #130story rhyme
So, I'll leave you to enjoy your day
And advertise my ebooks another time

Torbay voted to have a Mayor
A low turn out, not many care
A few years later, we voted once more
Another low turnout but a reversed score
Soon, a Mayor will no longer be ours
Politics is as fickle as April showers

Every single day is poetry day
410 #130story tweets, what more can I say?

Polls get them there
Polls are what they ignore ...
The rest of this poem is censored as I don't wish to be banned from Twitter