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23 Jun 77 - 14 Aug 21



Animal plays the drums
He plays them with passion
Some say he's a Muppet
But I love his fashion

Fifteen tweets for a hashtag
Back in the good old days
But the #130story tweeps
Seem to have gone their separate ways

Drawing can be an insight
My ideas can cause fright
An evening of geographical research
Has left my muse in the lurch
45 places, over 45 weeks or so
Will I make it? I don't really know
I have the help of a friendly mouse, My friend & yours, the famous House
#130story #DevomMice

'Sweet Home Alabama'
Is a song I truly hate
Please don't reply
I don't wish to debate

The Easter weekend had started and the closest thing to religious she would be doing was listening to her entire collection of Judas Priest vinyl #130story

We went our separate ways
A Journey track broke us up
She forgot me immediately
For days, I cried into my cup

For over four hundred years
Her agents have secured the borders
And maintained the nation's soul
They act as one and take no orders

It looks so nice
But what did I discover?
I should think twice
And stay undercover
#130story #brrrr #bracing