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23 Jun 77 - 1 Jan 19


Trucking On! 250!

All done by the 31st
That's what I intended
But the scenes kept coming
And threads needed to be blended

Should I be depressed
Or, perhaps, impressed
Few takers today
I think it's okay

Instructions read
Start button depressed
Acceleration awesome
Suitably impressed

Pictures received
Altitude acheived
A new perspective
Hard to be believed

Batteries fade
Plummet to the ground
Assesment, faulty cells
Oh, I'm post office bound

#DamnDrone #130story

Despite issued prompts
Privacy was sought
Yet a few stragglers
By the prompts were caught
As the days lengthen
Our numbers swell
Privacy discarded
We have stories to tell

As the weekend approaches
I write my last pages of the year
The laptop will be packed away
To make way for unhindered cheer

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful 130story contributors, it's been a good year of tweets.

It came in sections
Not two but three
Now, it's 8ft tall
A towering Christmas tree

Attempting to make small talk
Over cake and a cup of tea
How will it end?
You'll have to wait and see

On my door he knocked
And handed over his tale
Then he strolled away
Through rain, snow and hail

10 days of #HMXmas2018 ... starts tomorrow