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Bill - "Ready?"
Joe - "Yes. Got my walkie talkie, invisible ink pen, swiss army knife, £100 in £, $, €"
Bill - "Why? You're new job is ESTATE agent, not secret agent."


For over four hundred years
Her agents have secured the borders
And maintained the nation's soul
They act as one and take no orders


They were masters of disguise
Nobbling Nazis their biggest prize
Were Britain's best ever agents
Hitler didn't know what up against
Bacon, Bangers and Mash
Always willing for a great big bash
Danger was their main desire
Jumping from a flying pan into a fire

Agents” by PaulPJB, 7 Jan 20

'I see next door’s up for sale.'
'No the other side!'
'I can’t say I’ll miss them Tom. Perhaps the new people will finally tidy the garden!'
'They’ve gone with one of those online agents.'
'Let’s hope they are agents of change.'
'Very drole Sandra.'