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She fiddled with a dial as he wriggled against the wires and cuffs which held him in place. “Don’t worry” she smiled.” I’ll make sure the charge is…graduated.”


“You…you can’t do this.” Peter’s voice shook.
“I think you’ll find I already have.”
“You bastard,” Peter spat, “you total bastard!”
“Well,” smiled Stephen, “quite.”


He turned and watched as she pulled the door closed behind her. It felt like an ending but he knew this wasn’t over. Not quite.

The Wall’s rough stone loomed as she held up the merchant’s head in one hand, her bloodied sword in the other. “Now THAT’s what I call a trade barrier,” she grinned.


They said it was the loneliest number and, after a lot of thought, she found she agreed. Though only if you didn’t count all the others.


He hovered, nose nudging the satin smoothness of her flesh. He raised his eyes, soft gaze travelling up her body. “With your permission?” he breathed.


His mum always told him “Say what you mean, mean what you say.” So he did.
Oh well, that’s that career down the toilet.

He stopped feeling lonely and felt confused. With the head in one hand and a leg in the other, he read again the side of the box: “Limited Assembly Required”