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“You…you can’t do this.” Peter’s voice shook.
“I think you’ll find I already have.”
“You bastard,” Peter spat, “you total bastard!”
“Well,” smiled Stephen, “quite.”


He stepped into the bright light
Making quite an awful sight
Six weeks long in a cardboard box
Wearing the same clothes and socks
Lured in with a meat sausage roll
Fed vegan food through a hole
Would normally be a cruel situation
Piers Morgan being an unique exception

Quite” by PaulPJB, 12 Jan 19

Was I ready for the photograph
Well no i wasn’t quite
But I managed to get a snapshot
As he disappeared from sight


He turned and watched as she pulled the door closed behind her. It felt like an ending but he knew this wasn’t over. Not quite.

On his entrance, the involuntary voluntary was quite unexpected. Now it seems Donald has others blowing their trumpet for him too.