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23 Oct 13 - 9 Jul 14


Earlybird! 10!

"As I said sheriff, the boy was by the stream last night. Calm waters, nothin' unusual. And then "[snapping fingers]" phut! Gone!"@130story

25 grand. I swipe my card, enter my pin, turn my gaze to TV. He gets ready to serve for the US open title. "Nadal serves. FAULT" @130story

As the shares tanked 3/4th of the pre-IPO value in a week, the CEO knew it was time for the last resort. He dialled 7 on his cell. @130story

At that point BIG G. coldly stated, "Tease it out or beat it out, I don't care. Tonight he should confess where he kept the money" @130story

I sat in the cabin, frozen at the sight of the inferno. Those people on the ledge, their only hope was my crane. I've gotta do it! @130story

"Hello dad!""hi beta. Blurrrrrrrrrrp.""Dad! Slow! Belching is not liked here.""Rubbish! A good belch is a sign of a healthy meal!" @130story

Power comes by hiding one's own fears, but finding others' and beating them to it. Power, that is worth £18b. Today, I smile. @130story

The heat in the arena was palpable. Both finalists saw red inside the first 2 minutes, to loud jeers from both set of supporters. @130story